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I started writing articles on Medium because I find exploring new concepts in math really fun, and writing about them just makes it more enjoyable!
I also write about my personal life from time to time. Check it out to get to know me more!

What's it About?

My Blog is like more like a professional journal. I write about my progress, especially the progress in Data Science or Math. I started as an undergrad student doing my major in Math, with no formal programming background. I've documented each step I've taken towards making myself familiar with the world of Data, Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence, and I've been published in leading Medium Publications like The Startup and AI in Plain English. You can expect to read about all the projects I've worked on, all the concepts I've learnt, and my entire journey in the field of data science till now! I also write about my personal life sometimes! Do check it out!

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Exploring Machine Learning Algorithms — Simple Linear Regression

As we dive into the world of Machine Learning and Data Science, one of the easiest and fun ways is to explore the various machine learning algorithms. They can be intimidating, especially if you’re just starting out. One of the simplest algorithms that we can explore with very basic knowledge of data science is the Linear Regression algorithm. In simple linear regression, we try to model the data using a straight line that best fits our data. We then make the predictions using this line of best fit. Read More...

Basics of Machine Learning: K-Means Clustering

As we dive into the world of “Unsupervised” Machine Learning, we will encounter problems that would require us to cluster the data available to us. This means we have to divide the data into clusters based on their level of similarity. K-Means Clustering allows us to do just that. As the name suggests, the algorithm makes use of the “means” of the data to cluster them. Here “K” is just the number of clusters we want our data to be divided in. We have to choose the value of “K” ourselves, and there are ways in which can select the right “K” for our data. Read More...


How I Got Into My Dream M.Sc Data Science Program

From a Non-Programming Background to making it to LSE... I always wanted to pursue my Master’s degree from one of the top universities in the UK. Data Science was most definitely my course of choice. However, coming from a non-programming background, it was quite challenging to stand out among the numerous computer science grads applying for the same course. However, I got into my dream program, and pretty much all of my backup options as well! Here’s my journey- Obviously, college ranking mattered! But what mattered the most to me was the course content. I wanted to study Data Science with a strong focus on Machine Learning Read More...

My Top 3 Indian Restaurants in London

Moving to London more than a year ago after living in India for over 21 years definitely led to a bit of a shock to my tastebuds, since the food here is quite different to what I was used to eating back home. However, London is extremely multi-cultural and you can find almost any cuisine here. I tried (if I say so myself) almost hundreds of Indian restaurants in the city and while many were not as impressive, there are some places that I go back to again and again, and have even recommended them to friends! Here are my top 3: Read More...

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