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London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

M.Sc. Data Science (Expected 2022)

Relevant Modules: Managing and Visualising Data, Machine Learning and Data Mining, Data Analysis and Statistical Methods, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Distributed Computing for Big Data
Skills: Python, SQL

St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi

B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics (Minor in Computer Science) - Graduated 2021

Relevant Modules: Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, C++ Programming, Computer Networks, Internet Technologies, Databases, Information Security & Cyber Laws, Differential Equations, Real and Complex Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Group Theory, Ring Theory, Riemann Integration, Metric Spaces, Linear Programming and Theory of Games
Skills: R, SQL, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, LaTeX, Mathematica, wxMaxima



Associate Analytics Consultant - Data Scientist(July 2022 - Feb 2023)

  • Handled accounts of multiple Fortune 500 clients with direct relationships with Vice Presidents and key stakeholders
  • Formulated a new paid offering worth £175k within the first 3 months at the job>, quantifying risk related to outsourcing
  • Delivered 2 Data Science Special Reports which generated multiple leads for the enterprise and efficient value delivery
Skills Gained: Tableau, Consulting, Client Management, Databases, Machine Learning, Technical Reporting

ZX services

Data Scientist - Intern (May 2021 - Jun 2021)

  • Performed Sentiment Analysis on over 800K unique texts to rate colleges based on student reviews
  • Sanitized and tagged over 32,000 unique student reviews from the top 5 student websites
  • Scraped data from 750+ webpages using Beautiful Soup and Selenium and stored in a Django DB
Skills Gained: Web Scraping, Sentiment Analysis, Django

Data 360

Analyst (Nov 2020 - Jun 2021)

  • Worked as Analyst for the Content and Research Team
  • Responsible for analysing data and contributing to the monthly data driven newsletter
  • Helped organise and publicise various workshops related to Data Science and Analytics
Skills Gained: Technical Writing, Probability Distributions, ML Algorithms

The Sparks Foundation, Singapore

Data Science and Analytics Intern (Aug 2020)

  • Selected for their Graduate Rotational Internship Program (GRIP) for August 2020
  • Worked on 4 mini-projects related to Data Science and Analytics
  • Published in Medium's Largest Active publication "The Startup" with over 740K followers for articles written during this internship
Skills Gained: Jupyter Notebooks, ML Algorithms - Linear Regression, Decision Trees, KMeans Clustering, Tableau, Story Telling

Holidify - (One of India's largest travel planning websites)

Content Development and Writing (June 2019)

  • Wrote 30+ articles totalling more than 25000 words to make travel planning easy and efficient in 1 month
  • Met deadlines before time, formatted the look of the articles to make the website attractive and engaging.
Skills Gained: Content Writing, SEO, Content Management


Here are are most relevent projects, but do check out my Full Portfolio for all my work

London Average Air Quality Index Analysis

Analysing and Clustering London Boroughs based on the Pollution Levels

  • Performed Data Extraction, Data Cleaning and Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) on London AQI related data
  • Identified if London Boroughs can be grouped on the basis of Pollution Emissions through K-Means Clustering
  • Explored various Deographical Data Visualising and animation techniques
Skills Gained:EDA, Data Extraction & Cleaning, Data Visualization (Plotly, Geopandas, Folium, Seaborn), K-Means Clustering

Scraping Google Images

Python Program to scrap desired images from Google

  • Taking image keyword and quantity from user
  • Using Selenium to scrap the desired images from Google Images
  • Returning a folder of images to the user
Skills Gained:Selenium, Google Images Scraping

Customer Review Scraping

Scraping Customer Reviews from with Deployment

  • Taking keyword from user
  • Using Beautiful Soup to scrap the Customer Reviews
  • Tabular representaion of Reviews on a webpage
Skills Gained:Beautiful Soup, Flask API, Heroku Deployment, Text Scraping using requests

Battle of the Neighborhoods

Scraping Wikipedia data, and using Foursqaure API to Cluster Neighborhoods

  • Scraped and cleaned data from Wikipedia, Extracted location data from FourSquare API
  • Clustered Canadian Neighbourhoods based on similarity of the kind of restarants, pubs and attractions
  • Created a tabular representation of the Neighbourhood groups along with top 10 attractions in each group
Skills Gained: KMeans Clustering, APIs, Beautiful Soup


Date Certification Verify
Jul 2020 IBM Data Science Specialization Verify Certificate
Sep 2020 KPMG Data Analytics Consulting Virtual Internship Verify Certificate
Aug 2020 Essential Design Principles for Tableau - by UC Davis Online Verify Certificate
Jun 2020 AI For Everyone - by Verify Certificate
Jun 2020 Data Science: R Basics - by HarvardX Verify Certificate
Jul 2019 Game Theory - by Stanford Online Verify Certificate


The Mathematics Society, St. Stephen's College

Executive Council Member - Public Relations (May 2019 - Jul 2020)

  • Co-headed Griphomania ( an annual Puzzle Solving Event) that took place in college.
  • Helped in the organisation of a State Level Symposium on "Analysis, Algebra and Mathematical Modelling with Focus on Women in Mathematics"
  • Coordinated the publicity of various events including the Annual Treasure Hunt, Annual Fest - Integration and many more

Youth Empowerment Foundation

Fundraising Campaigner (Nov 2018)

  • Helped raise funds worth over 700 USD
  • Vision: To make young generation self-reliant by providing them holistic education, skill, and training so that their potential can be channelized for the sustainable development of the society.
  • Around 500 underprivileged children were benefited by their programs

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I'm always looking for opportunities in the field of Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning, Technical Writing and even Consulting! Please reach out to me in case you have any open roles, Thanks!